To Watch, or To Play? That is the Question.

Hey Guys,

At 9:30 on Saturday Morning the ENGLISH (not the Welsh, nor the Scots–did I get that right this time?) will take arms against the sea of troubles that is the Italian 15 side in the 6 Nations tournament.  Naturally, that poses a dilemma given touch begins at 9:30.  (Conditions for touch will be similar to last week, cold, but not unbearable.)  Weighing the prospect of playing in the frigid outdoors when we could be at a bar watching top flight rugby must give us pause.  If you want to watch rugby, head to James Hoban’s in Dupont.  Olly will be there for sure.  Otherwise, out on the field for the rest of us for enterprises of great pitch and moment.

*  I don’t know what the prices are for James Hoban’s; I’m sure they’re reasonable.  Also, France will face Ireland at 12:30 if you want to stay and watch, or head over after touch.

**  Olly’s happy to book a table, so if you’re certain you’re going to watch the game, respond to this post so he knows whether to hold some seats.

***  When did England become a nation?  I thought the UK was the nation.  For that matter, when did Scotland or Wales become nations?  I need a clear definition about this.  “6 ‘Nations'” sounds a bit silly, doesn’t it?  (Feel free to correct me if I’m being massively ignorant).

What would Tom Brady do?

Hey Guys,

It’s going to be frigid out tomorrow, but let’s play anyway.  Summon your inner Tom Brady (that part of you that vanquishes all manner of evil and rides off into sunsets with super models in tow) and man up.  We’ve played in worse.  Stop whining.

See you at 9:30.

Rugby’s off for tomorrow

The conditions are pretty terrible outside, guys.  The temperature will barely reach above freezing over the next few days and snow remains on the ground.  These aren’t ideal conditions to play.  Let’s take a break this week and see if the weather improves for next Saturday.