Just enough to play!

Hey guys,

Looks like we’ve got enough for the first Wednesday rugby of the year.  Remember, we play at the corner of 15th and Constitution.  We’ll start at 6:00.  I don’t have the cones so you’ll have your bags and/or Andy’s/Kira’s cones if they can bring those.  And obviously, someone be sure to bring a ball! 

Is Wednesday Rugby for You?

Probably.  Why else would you go through the trouble of reading this email if the prospect of mid-week rugby didn’t pique your interest?  I’ll be brief:  Last year, Wednesday rugby was transcendent. I expect nothing less this year.  Still, we can’t move forward without any players so if you’re into playing tomorrow, let me know.  It would be at 6:00 PM at the corner of 15th and Constitution.