Wednesday rugby. Let me know if you’re in.

Hey Guys,

The new field seems like a good fit.  Numbers have been a little low though, so I’m going to start surveying for Wednesday rugby for the remainder of the season.

If you’re in for tomorrow, respond to this post to let me know.  If we get numbers, rugby’s on.  If not, we’ll postpone until Saturday.

Rugby’s on Today. New Field. 15th and Independence. 6:00 PM.

Hey everyone,

We’re going to try the new field today at 15th and Independence.  We start at 6:00PM, but be patient if it takes a little time for some to arrive given the new location.

I won’t be at rugby today or on Saturday so please reach out to me via email or the blog if you think we should reconsider the new field for next week.  Also reach out to me just to give me your thoughts on the Wednesday field situation more broadly if you have any opinions.

Wednesday Rugby. Let me know what you think.

Hi everyone,

As many of you know, Wednesday rugby has been a pain recently given softball has overtaken our new field.  By universal playground rules, they have field rights because they show up long before we do.  We try to accommodate by squeezing ourselves in where we can, but the situation is lacking.  We’re usually on an insufficiently sized pitch, we’re constantly in danger of getting hit by softball homeruns, and we have to put up with the whiny frustrations of the softballers, those non-athletes who detest the presence of the physically gifted.  Clearly, this is not an ideal situation.

That said, I’m considering moving the Wednesday field yet again.  We can choose to go back to where we were on 15th and Constitution.  The field is only half-sized, but at least there was no competition.  An alternative is the proper rugby field that’s located on the southern end of the Mall at 15th and Independence.  My biggest concern with that location has always been how far it is.  But maybe it’s not a big deal for everyone else.  If it’s unoccupied and distance isn’t a huge factor, it could be a good spot.  (It’s also worth noting that field conditions aren’t great in any location, so that shouldn’t be a factor to consider.)

What do you guys think?  Should we move from 23rd and M (the softball league ends the first week of October)?  If we leave 23rd and M, should we head to our old spot, or should we try the proper, albeit far, rugby field on 15th and Independence?  Let me know.