Touch is on tonight.

My apologies for the erratic communication.  I felt compelled to post the last few weeks regarding Wednesday rugby because numbers had been iffy, and we were switching fields.

From now on, though, assume rugby’s on for Wednesdays and Saturdays unless I post otherwise.  Communication may change in the Fall, but I’ll alert everyone first if I do so.

Wednesday’s (including tonight) we’re at 15th and Independence behind the Forestry Service Building, and Holocaust Museum.

Wednesday rugby. Let me know if you’re in.

Hey Guys,

The new field seems like a good fit.  Numbers have been a little low though, so I’m going to start surveying for Wednesday rugby for the remainder of the season.

If you’re in for tomorrow, respond to this post to let me know.  If we get numbers, rugby’s on.  If not, we’ll postpone until Saturday.