Rugby’s Cancelled for tonight!!

Hey Guys,

I really hate to do this, but I gotta cancel rugby. I’ve been furiously checking various weather radars and it looks like it’s only going to rain harder in the coming hours. Obviously that’s not a guarantee, but better to skip a day of rugby than to have people stuck in any potential rain.

Sign-ups for the Rooster’s Tournament for Mid-September

Alright folks,

Let’s get serious about this tournament coming up next month. It’s the weekend (yes, a two-day tourney) of September 13-14. We should shoot to have at least 9 players represented. In the past, we’ve fielded two teams with roughly 20 players total so hopefully we can get something similar this time around.

I’m not sure of the exact details, but I believe it’s going to be $25 per player. That will include food (really good food evidently) and maybe even libations. It’ll be in Virginia, so we’ll need cars. I’ve got one and can fit a few. I’m certain we’ll need more though.

All that said, respond to this post so I can start ticking off names of those DEFINITELY interested. We’ll start collecting money soon too.

As for rugby today, we’re still on, but things are coming down to the wire for me so I may not be present. We’ll see.

Rugby’s on for tomorrow (Wednesday)

Hey Guys,

I’m going out on a limb and greenlighting rugby without a survey. We’ve had sufficient numbers all Summer and have only cancelled when the weather was crap. I’m sure tomorrow will be well attended too.

15th and Constitution at 6:00 PM for any new faces out there.

Bring cones, and bring a ball for those who’ve got them.

Lastly, I was slated to skip because I thought I had to prep for an early morning flight, but I think I’ll be there after all. I’ll see everyone tomorrow.