We’re on, but….

Tomorrow is the annual kite festival so our field might be bombarded by “happy families”.   I’m not sure though.  It’s going to be pretty chilly in the morning so we may have the space to ourselves.

Let’s meet at 17th and Constitution at 9:30.  If you arrive and no one is there by 9:40 or so, then head over two blocks to 15th and Constitution (our Wednesday field) to see if we’ve migrated over.  That space should be free for us to play on, and it should suffice for our group tomorrow, which looks like its going to be on the smaller side.

See everyone out there.

Let me know if you’re in for tomorrow

Hey guys,

The conditions won’t be ideal tomorrow–muddy and very cold.  Given light attendance the past few outings, I want to make sure that we have sufficient numbers to justify play.  So let me know if you’re in by responding to this post.  If we can get 8-10, we’ll be on.

We would play at 9:30 AM on the Saturday field: 17th and Constitution.

No rugby today unfortunately.

Too little interest for a game today.  Not too many replies to the blog post, and a couple confirmed texts by others who couldn’t attend.  It was an early try for Wednesday.  Expect that we’ll be playing next week.

Friday’s rain is going to make playing on Saturday a little muddy, but unless its a complete mess, rugby will be on.  I’ll reach out later this week.

Iffy about rugby tomorrow due to a return to the cold. Want to play anyway?

Hey Guys,

Annoyingly, cold weather is approaching to ruin the much-desired beginning of Spring.  Temps tomorrow are going to be in the low 40’s.  That’s not the worst, but for a Wednesday, it’s irritating.  Still, it’s been forever since we played so I want to take a poll to gauge interest for tomorrow.

If you want to play, let me know.  We’d be at the same Wednesday “field” as last year.  Nothing better (i.e. something unoccupied, good quality, free, and easily accessible for most people) has materialized yet.

So yeah, let me know if you’re in.  Otherwise, we’ll shoot for Saturday which looks like its 100% on.