SURVEY POST: Rugby and World Cup Tomorrow! 10/31

Please respond in the comments with your desired option:

  1. Start touch rugby at 9:00 AM, end slightly before 11:00 am leaving us enough time to get to a place to watch the world cup final.
  2. Start touch rugby at 2:00 pm, play with inspiration and thoughts of glory in our minds from the rugby we just watched.
  3. Other suggestions.


Didn’t realize the game was at 12:00 pm and not 11:00 am like all the others have been.

Adjusted options:

  1. Start touch at 9:30 am like always and then watch the rugby after.
  2. Start touch at 3:00 pm.

NO Wednesday Rugby Tonight

Thanks to the rain today and the fact that it is getting dark so early these days, it looks like last week was our last Wednesday rugby session of the year.

In light of the RWC Final, be on the look out for a survey later in the week to determine numbers for Saturday morning rugby and to determine if there is interest in a slightly earlier start OR moving touch to Saturday afternoon (just for this week) so that we can all watch the World Cup Final.