Rugby Today @ 6

It looks like this cloudy/rainy weather is going to ease up by around 4-5. I say let’s play! On a positive note, at least the ground won’t be so hard today.

As always bring a ball and the cones if you have them! See you at 6 at our normal spot on 17th and Constitution.


Wednesday Rugby is ON, with a weather eye.

According to the weather forecast the chances for rain begin to go up at around 6:00 pm for Wednesday but only to 40% until 8:00 pm. For now, lets say that rugby is on pending that the rain holds off. Keep an eye out for a post shortly before 6:00 in case we need to cancel.

Lets try to play on the usual Saturday pitch at 17th and Constitution. Hopefully we can get there before the softballers do. If not we’ll find an open space nearby or move back over to 15th and Constitution.

I have a ball but please whoever has the cones from Saturday bring them! See ya out there!

Saturday, 9:00 AM rugby is on!

Hey Guys,

Slight chance of rain tomorrow morning. Be on the lookout for a potential cancellation, but my gut says we’ll be good to go. Should be ideal conditions if the rain stays away.

Also, tomorrow let’s discuss switching to 9:30 for Saturday mornings (possibly even 10:00) now that Summer is unofficially over.