Game Time & Location


  1. WEDNESDAYS 5:30pm – dark
  2. SATURDAYS 9:30am – 12pm+

***However, this can change due to weather and number of players available. Please keep updated by subscribing to the blog and we’ll send game info/updates.

Location: Sometimes game locations are changed due to field use and conditions. We will update the blog and send out posts accordingly so be sure to follow us for updates!

Current locations:


23 thoughts on “Game Time & Location

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  5. Hi. I’m new to DC from Ireland and hoping to get involved in touch. I’ve played a lot of tag rugby and some womens rugby in Irealnd but never touch but hopefully I can pick it up!
    Can I just show up on Saturday morning to join in? What time are you planning to meet at this Saturday 11 October?
    Do I need to bring anything in particular with me?

  6. Been looking for a team to join since I moved out here from Milwaukee. Looks like you guys would be a great place to get back into it. I play for 7 years in high school and college, and would definitely like to get more info on what weekends you’ll be out there.


  7. I am interested in playing rugby. I have never played but heard it’s very fun. I’m interested in joining you on Saturday 09.05 if possible.

  8. Hi! I’m new to the area and have been wanting to learn how to play rugby. It looks like the people who play are all boys. Is there a group of girls that play pick up games or is this co-ed?


  9. Hi,

    I moved to the area recently and can’t commit to a 15s side this season would love to get some touch in. Are y’all playing tonight?

  10. Hi there! Haven’t played touch in years but excited to join. The games are co-ed is that correct? And do we have to sign up for each pickup game or just show up?

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  12. Hi. I’m new to DC, used to love playing touch rugby back in the UK and would love to join. Is the schedule of Wednesday pm and Saturday am still the right time?

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