Saturday on the tidal basin, 9:30am

It’s going to be a warm summer day so bring plenty of fluids. The festivals, road closures and probable protests will all be down by the capital, but give yourself a little extra time for possible increased crowds and traffic.

We’ve had some great runs the last few weeks. It’s so good to see some veterans passing through or coming out after long absence, as well as all the new people just looking to have some competitive fun. Below is where we’ll be for anyone unfamiliar with the tidal basin location.

Wednesday on the Mall, Capital side 5:45p

The Folklife Festival setup is still occupying most of the mall, so we’ll take the area close to 14th st. It’s still been hit and miss on when/if park rangers show up to enforce no cleats. Be prepared for turf shoes or barefoot possibility.

It’s going to be pretty hot out with a chance for a brief thunderstorm. An umbrella is recommended just in case.

Touch Monday on WW2 side of Washington monument, 5:45pm

Yes, Juneteenth is now a federal holiday, but the majority of touch players still don’t have it off. Therefore we’ll still play at the regular new time of 5:45. For the most part it seems like the 5:45 time is working out well. Remember the goal is to start running at 5:45, so still aim to arrive by 5:30.

Weather should be pleasant again tomorrow, albeit a bit breezy.

Saturday on the Tidal Basin 9:30am

Temps will cool down overnight and conditions should be quite pleasant for a run around tomorrow. However it could be a bit windy in case anyone has allergies. There is a festival on the Mall in the afternoon, so be aware of potential added crowds and traffic.

Important note: Our permit tomorrow is only until 10:30. Someone with very fast fingers was able to snag the permits from 10:45-3:30. With a little luck it will be a friendly group that will share the field with us until at least 11:30. Fair warning that we may have to quit early or relocate at 10:30. Arrive early to get your run in.

Happy Humpday!

Congratulations on making it to the middle of the week. Why not celebrate with some touch on the Mall?

5:45pm near the Smithsonian metro stop. There is a festival on between 3rd and 9th streets this weekend, so lots of setup restricting space down at the capital end. We should be okay in the normal area, otherwise we’ll continue toward 15th street until there is a sufficient area.

There is a chance you’ll have to go to turf shoes or barefoot if the rangers are patrolling. Weather should be another warm one, but fingers crossed no afternoon rainstorm.

Monday WW2 side of Washington monument 5:45pm

It’s going to be a hot one this afternoon, reelfeel pushing 96, so bring plenty of water.

Did you read the time right? Because we have plenty of daylight during the summer and people are having trouble arriving by 5:30, we’ll push back by 15 minutes. Thank you to everyone who shows up regularly at 5:30, but now we don’t have to stand around waiting for enough people to show up. This is NOT a recommendation for everyone to push back their routine time by 15 minutes. A majority of people show up around 5:45 as is, so if everyone sticks to their routines, we should be good.

Saturday is on the Tidal Basin 9:30am

There will be a lot of early morning moisture on the ground and in the air, even potential for on and off drizzles closer to noon. The temp will be pleasant to a little cool.

There’s a lot going on around town today. March for Our Lives starts at noon near the Washington monument. The pride parade starts at 3 near Logan circle. As usual give yourself extra time to navigate extra crowds and traffic. More importantly please be aware of your surroundings and stay safe.

Wednesday touch, Mall near Smithsonian metro stop, 5:30pm

For a change of pace let’s test out the Mall proper again. There is a chance the park rangers are still patrolling. If so, it means turf shoes, or you’ll have to go barefoot. But the flat, soft ground, with full grass cover is a nice change from the hard uneven ground by 17th. The field closest to the metro stop should be open. If not, check fields successively closer to the capital building.

It’s going to be hot and moderately humid this afternoon so bring plenty of water. Conditions are right for an afternoon thunderstorm, although less than 50% chance of rain predicted. An umbrella is still advisable

Monday touch is on. 5:30pm

We’ll play on the fields between Washington monument and WW2 memorial.

Congrats to Old Glory DC for finishing the season with a win. And a special thanks to The Rugby Network announcers for giving a shout out to Touch Rugby as way to participate in the rugby community, having fun and staying fit. It’s great that we have friends from 15s, 7s, pros, amateurs, men, and women all mixing together for our special touch group.

Saturday at the tidal basin 9:30am

Happy Friday! Summer weather seems to be here to stay. Tomorrow will be another warm one, so make sure to stay hydrated.

The first weekend in June is the perfect time start that new year’s resolution to come work on your rugby passing skills and running fitness. Also spectators who bring adult beverages are always welcome.