Monday touch on the tidal basin 5:45pm

After a brief fall preview, we’ve got a summer day on our hands. Temp should cool off slightly by the afternoon, and there is a fast moving storm headed our way that could bring some light scattered showers. Umbrella recommended just in case.

Try to be early and ready to run by 5:45. With the shrinking daylight we have limited time and want to make the most of it. Start time is probably going to go back to 5:30 starting next week.

Monday off due to rain

It’s a shifty and scattered storm that could give us a perfect gap over the fields. However, consensus is heavy rain and thunderstorms from 6-6:30 bookended by moderate rain the half hours before and after. Give yourself a rest day to stay warm and dry inside. We’ll be back on Wednesday

Monday touch is tentative

If we play it will be on the WW2 side of the Washington monument at 5:45pm.

There are conflicting weather reports, but a good chance of heavy rain right around 6 through sunset. Generally a little rain is okay, but if the storm doesn’t change track we will cancel for today. Keep your eyes out for an update around 3ish

Saturday on the tidal basin 9:30am (road closure alert!!!)

It should be a gorgeous day out for touch. The annual Bike DC event is on Saturday morning as well. this mean lots of road closures right around the tidal basin, including access to the parking lot. For the most part the ride should be finishing around 9:30, but the road closures are scheduled through 12pm. If you drive look for parking on independence between 14th and 7th.

Below is the official course map and a link to MPD list of road closures. Give yourself extra time to navigate increased traffic and parking scarcity.