One more update on location

Hey team, since the tidal basin field is already pretty tore up and muddy it probably won’t be very good to play there for lots of reasons. There is a good grass space right across the road from the field next to the tidal basin parking lot. Let’s plan to meet there and see how that works for us today. See ya at 4!



That’s a no…

Sorry lads, looks like this morning is a no go.

Anyone interested in playing tomorrow afternoon instead? Rain might clear by 4ish. Sound off below if you’re in & if we have numbers I’m there!

Best I can offer is to wait to decide until early afternoon tomorrow based on responses & weather.

Appeal for coaches in VA school…

Hi gang,

A high school in Virginia are seeking rugby coaches for their expanding program. Details below, please contact Murphy directly if interested.

Jeff Murphy, Director Of Rugby,
Boys’ and Girls’ Head Coach,
TC Williams High School Rugby,
ACPS Intramural Rugby Instructor.
Call: 703-675-3676 (can call at any time)
*Must be authorized to work in US, speak English, pass background check and have/obtain USAR Level 200 cert.