Wednesday rugby is on. Start time 5:30!

Apparently summer is back with us for a couple of days.  It’s perfect out so you know rugby is on.

Today we’ll start at 5:30 since sunset is cutting into playing time.  Several of you said on Saturday that you can make that time, so I expect we’ll have a decent sized group to start.  Ball and cones needed as always.  15th and Independence for any newbies.



Monday Rugby!

Hey everyone,

Let me know if you’re in for rugby tomorrow. We plan to play at 10:00 a.m. at our usual field at 15th and Independence. And we plan to start a new tradition of actually hanging out after we play. Cody plans to bring a cooler and some beers to the field. So bring a few bucks for that if you come down and play. Let me know who’s in!

Also, did anyone mistakenly grab a medium sized D.C. Touch jersey with the number 8 on it? That jersey is missing.