Tournament today

Hey everyone,

The touch tournament is on today so numbers might be pretty light for the normal touch Saturday pick-up game.  Since we’ve had roughly 25 people showing up each Saturday, there should still be enough to play, though.  Enjoy!


Use the Link in this Post to Pay, or No Jerseys for You!!!


Today and tomorrow are the last days to order jerseys.  If you did not use the link below to purchase a jersey, then you will not be getting one.  If you signed up previously it does not count.  You must fill out the information in the link to pay for your own jersey that will then be shipped to me and I will distribute.

Here’s the link!

Again, let me know if you have any questions.

Payment for Jerseys. You have 4 days!

Hi Guys,

You can pay for your jerseys by going to the link below:

You’ll have the option of adding a number to your jersey.  If you don’t add a number, the price drops to $21.90.  I decided to go this route instead of collecting money from everyone.  A lot easier for all involved.  (And yes, I recognize this method would have been a lot easier from the get go, but you live, you learn.)

You’ve got 4 days to order.  We’ll get the jerseys ahead of the tournament, and I can hold onto any for those who won’t be going.

If you have any questions let me know!