State of Rugby

What a long strange year it’s been. Although in many ways it doesn’t seem that long ago that this whole pandemic started. 

Last year around this time we took a well-considered hiatus from play.  As the months passed, we understood more about who was most at risk and how to prevent spreading the virus.  We decided to start playing again on a more limited basis.  The goal was to still get some fun and exercise without anyone succumbing to the virus.  The best system we devised was to play with limited numbers, and use a sign-up sheet so that we could track and trace in the event anyone did contract COVID.  Sadly, to keep numbers down we determined it was best not to widely advertise this revival.  The downside of this was that we couldn’t actively recruit new involvement, and we couldn’t always accommodate everyone that wanted to play on any given Saturday.  With all the uncertainty and the limited play, the website updates essentially went away.

As I look around it seems like there are more and more indications of life getting back to normal.  I myself have just gotten vaccinated, as have many others.  Current official reports say about 30% of DC residents have at least one shot.  On the other hand, the outbreak is not entirely under control.  In the District alone there are currently about 17 cases per 100,000 people per day, and accompanying deaths.

With all this in mind, I want to put this notice out for all those that are exploring DC touch for the first time, as well as all the old-timers that have been waiting for “official” news.  Our position right now is trying to balance opening up with being responsible.  Things are changing week by week, and we are trying to keep this balance the best we can. There are still restrictions on sports and gathering size in the District, so for the time being we will still proceed with limited numbers by sign up in the short term.  As more people within the touch community are vaccinated, I envision we can move to wide open play without sign up in the near future.

I anticipate some restriction changes soon, and as always we’ll continue to take cues from the departments of health.  With everyone’s diligence hopefully we can put this pandemic well behind us. Stay safe.  Have fun.  See you on the field. 

In the meantime, stay tuned for more updates. Feel free to message through the website for any specific questions.


Director of Talent and Development – Ian Reinert

Ian “The-Ref” Reinert is great at bringing new people into the game. His patience in explaining the rules & giving demonstrations to newcomers really helps get them involved.

This is such an important part of DC Touch as we’re open to people of all abilities – everyone is welcome & should feel included.

Under Ian’s wing I’m sure the group will continue to grow and bring together rugby enthusiasts & novices from around the world who now call DC home.


Social Secretary – Nick Purvis

Nick “Back-Yo’self” Purvis’ British accent and youthful enthusiasm has been an instant hit at DC Touch.

Hype man Nick always brings the party so it was a no-brainer that he take over organizing the social side of things.

We posed the question; would he rather become DC Touch Social Secretary or get punched in the face by Mike Tyson? You can guess which one he chose. (sorry, in-joke)

Nick has lots of fun ideas already so I know you’re in great hands.


And one more for good measure:

Equipment Specialist – Ryan Kelley

Ryan “Never-Too-Late-To-Learn-How-To-Skateboard” Kelley, aka mustache #2, never fails to leave us in his dust….. or take his shirt off.

He’s just so damn fast, and so damn cool, we had to have him on our board!

A regular at DC Touch for at least a year, Ryan will be the one to blame for all smooth balls & crooked sidelines going forward.

Good luck Ryan!


Chief Operating Officer – Josh Kube

Mustache #1 belongs to our main man, Josh “No-T-shirt-Survives-The-Scissors” Kube.

Josh joined about a year ago and quickly became a fan favorite. If I was handing out awards for most improved, he’d be the winner, however instead I just decided to hand him the reins of DC Touch.

Josh is the boss – his word is the law. I have no doubt that his leadership will be just what DC Touch needs to get you guys back in business once this whole pandemic thing plays out.

You got this Josh!


End of an era…

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that both Cody & I will be leaving DC soon and are passing on the DC Touch baton. I will be heading home to my native Ireland, & Cody on his adventures to Central Asia.

The last >2.5 years of organizing things (and +1 more of just playing) have been the best part of my DC experience. I’ve met the most amazing people and I’ll miss you guys (& touch) so much!

I’ll be announcing the new board members shortly. These fabulous guys are stepping up to the plate & deserve individual shout outs, stay tuned!

Lots of love (& tears),


Shirts have been ordered!

Hi everyone,

For those of you who filled out the order form – the shirts are underway!

I have ordered the following:

  • Dark grey for women (tank style like last time)
  • Black tanks for the men who indicated sleeveless/no preference (they didn’t have grey in this style unfortunately, my bad!)
  • Dark grey t-shirts for men that wanted them (I know I said I wouldn’t do both but turns out they could accommodate this without driving up the cost, yay!)

They came to $17.50 each. I will be making Venmo requests (etc.) very soon & contact you to make arrangements on how to get your shirts once they arrive. The ETA is ~2-3 weeks.


Want a DC Touch Rugby shirt?

Hi crew!

There have been many requests in the past year for a new DC Touch Rugby shirt order.

Well you’re in luck!

Fill in this form by Wednesday 29th July if you want a shirt: click me!

Please consider the form your commitment to buying a shirt – it is not a ‘general interest’ survey. I will include all shirts requested in my order and pay the whole cost up front out of pocket so I’ll rely on you paying me back afterwards. I say this because last time I was left with someone saying they didn’t want theirs long after I’d already paid for them & had to take the loss myself.

Last time they were approximately $17 each but the more we order the cheaper they will be so I’ll update you on the price when I have confirmed numbers. I also haven’t finalized a colour yet but there’s a poll within the link. Otherwise the design will be the same as the previous order, as seen modeled by Mr. January and some random redhead chick below.

Whether you’re adding to your collection or are a first time buyer – order your DC Touch Rugby shirt today!!!

(and there was much rejoicing)


WhatsApp Image 2020-06-21 at 16.29.43

DC Touch Rugby COVID update and reopening plan!

Hey team! It’s been a long time since you’ve heard from us so we wanted to get out a quick message to the whole DC Touch Rugby group.

First, I hope you all know we miss playing touch rugby and seeing you all like crazy! I can’t wait for the day when we can all be back to playing like before. Unfortunately, for now that may be a little while yet. Please know that the DC Touch Rugby leadership has been working behind the scenes to get us back to playing and we are currently working on the DC Touch Rugby Revival Plan! This will include phased reopening when appropriate and new safety measures and guidelines for playing.

Stayed tuned for further announcements in the coming weeks and until we all meet again, I hope you are staying safe and healthy.