Wish We Were Warm Wednesday

Bundy field 5:30pm. I want to thank everyone that still comes out despite the cold, and limited time and field space. We’ve still been having lots of fun and staying active. It’s also a great for the mental health to have some midweek social activity.

Try to come early to boot up and warm up. We want to get started immediately at 5:30 since soccer takes over promptly at 7.

Take advantage of the “warm” weather

It’s going to be above 40 degrees tonight, with a very light wind. Now is the time to get your run in before the temps plunge back into the low 20s.

Bundy field 5:30pm sharp. Please try to come as early as possible for warmup, changing boots etc, so that we can get started early or on time. There are soccer teams that start promptly at 7 which limits our playing time.

No touch for Monday

It seems like most people just aren’t thawed out from Saturday. Or the prospect of running on an inch of slushy snow in freezing temps with a strong, biting wind is just not appealing. Weird.

Conditions should be okay for Wednesday though. It will warm up to the mid 40s and with luck the chance of rain will keep diminishing.

Monday is on at Bundy field. 5:30pm

Temp: Cold*. Wind: Light. Rain: None. *frosty, freezing, arctic, frigid, glacial…..

Quick note about the delayed weekday posts. With the colder evenings we don’t want to risk having only five or six people show up, so it’s trying gauge interest before making it official. It seems like we have been pretty successful with the field space at Bundy and there has been consistent interest in Monday and Wednesday. So if you’re trying to plan your week, it’s likely that we will play, but the official post will still probably come out the same day for weekdays.

Bitterly cold. Frigid, if you will

But we aren’t going to let a small threat of frostbite stop us. We’re on for Saturday morning. The west side of the Washington monument, between WW2 memorial and Washington monument. 9:30am

The realfeel index shows about 19F (-7C), but plenty of sunshine. Also there will still be some snow on the ground since temps haven’t gotten high enough to melt any of last night’s snow.

Bundle up, mentally prepare, and let’s have some fun.