Sunny Saturday at the tidal basin 9:30am

Make sure you bring plenty of water. It’s going to be very warm early on tomorrow. Most of the public fountains are turned off due to replacement so please make sure you have plenty of hydration (gatorade, water, beer).

Please come on time if you can. Mornings are tough, but it’s not fun for people that show up on time to have to wait until enough people show up at 10. It cuts into the limited play time for people that need to leave early. There are reasons to be late and everyone is welcome whenever they arrive, but let’s cut out strolling up 20 min late just because of laziness. Keep it fun for everyone and be on time if you can.

Just to re-iterate for any new folks. We play at Wallenberg field on Saturdays, aka tidal basin.

Good luck to our good friends on Nova Women’s Rugby!! National championship weekend in Atlanta.

Wednesday on WW2 side of Washington monument 5:30p

It’s going to be a warm one out there, so make sure you have plenty of water. Try to come on time. It’s a shame when we have 6 people waiting around at 5:30, and then counting and recounting over and over as people continue to trickle in. After work is tough and people are welcome whenever they arrive, but let’s be respectful of everyone’s time. While some people can only show up late, others can only go from 5:30-6:30, and we want everyone to get their chance to play. We want to start running at 5:30, not have people show up to start stretching at 5:30. Same idea for the weekend, show up at 9:30, not 10. Collectively we can do a better job. It only works if we all work together. Ok, enough of the soapbox.

While barefoot on the mall is fun, it’s only fun once in a while. The NPS budget must have been increased because the rangers are patrolling more diligently, so we probably won’t be on the Mall proper much anymore.

The tidal basin is booked for most weekday evenings. Seems word is out that it’s open. For now the best bet is on west side of the monument, all the way down by the WW2 memorial. There is still kickball to contend with, however there should be a reasonable amount of space to play and we can wear cleats. The rotation will probably continue there on Monday and Tuesday, and the tidal basin on Saturdays.

Monday on the Mall 5:30pm, near Smithsonian Metro stop

There are strong scattered storms in the area, but it’s all fast moving and will blow over by the time we get out to play. It will be warm and a little windy.

We don’t want to tear up the tidal basin field the first week back, so tonight will be on the Mall. It has good drainage and thick grass. We’ll have to take the risk of being told to remove cleats. Enforcement is hit and miss, not just for us, but for the many other groups out during the week.

Wednesday on the Tidal Basin! 5:30p

We’re back! Despite earlier emails from the NPS that the field would be closed through September, I investigated the rumor that the fencing had come down. Sure enough the fence is down and the website is open again for reservations. The grass can use a little more growth, but still looks fantastic. Best of all, the old stomping grounds will give us plenty of room.

For anyone that hasn’t been to the tidal basin before, the official name if you search google is Raoul Wallenberg field (map below)

You can all look out your windows to see the lovely weather. But to make it official, the weather will be a pleasant 68F with a light breeze and mild cloud cover. Bring a jacket for after as the temp drops fast when the sun sets.

No touch on Saturday

This storm front is looking pretty patchy, but according to all reports the probability of rain is over 75%. Not a downpour, but more than a drizzle, in addition to cold and strong winds. Enjoy a relaxing Saturday morning indoors with some hot cocoa and a book, or whatever is your thing. Recharge for evening touch coming on Monday and Wednesday.

Good luck to our Old Glory friends playing in Boston tomorrow night!

Wednesday, Mall, 5:30p

Same bat time, same bat place. Mall by smithsonian metro. Any chance of rain will have passed by the time we play, and the temp should be a reasonably warm 77F.

We had a great fast paced run on Monday! Looking forward to more of the same today. For anyone that’s recently started playing touch, don’t get discouraged by some of the more intense days. As long as you’re having fun, we’re happy to have you out. And anyone thinking about coming out, it’s time to do it already!