Who can make it for Saturday the 13th?



The rugby gods have blessed us.  Saturday at 10am we’re looking at a perfect day for touch–60 degrees, an easy breeze, and rain-softened ground that won’t strain the knees (see what I did there).  That’s right, you can hold off on the farmers tan for at least another week before the blistering weather arrives (although, it’s 90 degrees today…).  Let me know if you’re in, or if you have lesser matters to attend to.  If you can bust a rhyme in your response, that’d obviously be ideal.

15 thoughts on “Who can make it for Saturday the 13th?

    • We play at a park in Adams Morgan near Calvert Street bridge (behind Mama Ayesha’s restaurant). The other, more popular entrance, is next to the apartment building at 2630 Adams Mill Road. There’s a Google Map picture of it in the Game Info section of the blog. Hope to see you out there!

  1. I’m the hip-hop-apotamus, my lyrics are bottomless.

    (with credits to Jemaine Clement.)

    out, but back next week.


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