Saturday 9:30 at Tidal Basin

Should be a warm one. Scattered thunderstorms possible in the afternoon, so well probably just have to deal with humidity in the morning.

Also we’ve got a solid number of people that want Mondays starting at 5:30pm, so we’ll start that this coming week. 5:30 is a little early for some people, but that handful is welcome to arrive when they can since we’ll play until around 7:30


For those of you that work late on Wednesdays or can’t make it on Saturdays, we want to see if there is interest in a Monday afternoon/evening touch game. Please only respond once to the survey below if you are interested. If you aren’t interested or couldn’t make it a fairly regular thing, then don’t fill it out.

Saturday in front of the Smithsonian

Tomorrow we’ll play on the mall outside of the Smithsonian metro stop. The ground is pretty saturated right now from all the rain and it would be nice not to tear up the newly seeded Tidal Basin field. There is a chance this means barefoot if the rangers come by. But in general the weather should be great for playing tomorrow.

I’ll look at ground conditions in the morning, but I don’t expect any significant change.

Old Glory home game on Saturday 6/12

At DC Touch we support our home town MLR team, Old Glory DC. It’s been a challenging season so far and our friends at OG DC want to help fill the stands to bring some home team spirit.

Old Glory has offered us group ticket pricing of $30, and a price break if we can get at least 30 tickets purchased. If you don’t already have a ticket, send a comment or email and we’ll hook you up. This is a great chance to hang with people outside of touch and support the sport.

Also Wednesday location TBD depending on rain

Picnic Time!

It’s going to be a hot one tomorrow, so we’ll need to cool down after touch with some cold beverages and snacks. No need to get crazy, but feel free to bring a small dish or snack (orange slices?) to share. Hang out with people you know, or get to know someone you don’t. We’ll be bringing the A-game on the tidal basin pitch at 9:30

Obviously, no one playing touch is obligated to picnic, but the more the merrier.