Monday on the Mall 5:45p

Smithsonian metro side of the Washington monument. We may move from the field closest to 14th st to one closer to the capital, just to rotate the grass impact. Somewhere between 9th and 14th. Fair warning, there is always a chance the rangers will come by and have us remove cleats. For any NPS rangers reading this: we are trying to get everyone to wear turf shoes, but not there yet. We appreciate your patience.

Another hot sunny summer day. Bring plenty of water.

Wednesday touch on the Mall, 5:45pm near Smithsonian metro.

It’s going to be another warm summer day, which brings the threat of afternoon thunderstorms. Right now it looks like if it rains, it will mostly be early on, with under 50% chance of scattered light rain from 6-8. Try to be on time! We’ve already moved the start time back from 5:30 to 5:45. We can’t play until we have enough people, so this is a group effort.