Touch is on for Saturday

Tidal Basin 9:30am. It should be great weather while we play, but bring your traveling umbrella if you don’t intend to rush home afterward. There’s a light afternoon shower headed our way.

Rumor is our friends at Potomac Exiles and WRFC will be playing in the afternoon if anyone wants to stick around to watch.

Do you like beer?

Now that I have your attention. I’m floating this idea out there for a social a week-ish from now. I will personally be biking and drinking beer, and the more people that join me the better. This is a great opportunity to get to know our touch friends better while engaged in a non-rugby activity.

Touch is on Monday at 5:30 at the tidal basin

The days are getting shorter. I know it’s tough for people to get there right after work, but we want to get enough people to start as close to 5:30 and maximize the limited daylight. The more people at 5:30 the better.

As we lose daylight and the evenings get colder, in the coming weeks we’ll prepare to go to one day a week and search for a field with lights. The day will likely be Wednesday, but to avoid conflicts with other touch groups that could change.