Mall Ball

Hey Guys,

Not sure if everyone has heard, but the authorities (cops) informed us at the end of last Saturday’s game that we cannot continue to play at the Adams Morgan field until we have our permit.  We’re awaiting our long overdue paperwork from the parks department so we can play in Ads Mo officially.  In the mean time, we’ll have to return to our old stomping ground at the Mall.  We’re located right next to (east of) 17th Street, and south of Constitution–very close to the Washington Monument.  You can copy these coordinates on Google Maps for a more precise location  38.891246, -77.03844.  Now I just need to know who’s in for 10 a.m. this Saturday.  The weather’s going to be perfect.  Hard to say no. 


16 thoughts on “Mall Ball

  1. Hi guys, i love touch rugby and have played rugby my whole life, been looking for a social club or place to play, was wondering if u guys still had room for one more on a team.??

  2. Julie and I might have to leave early. Anyone going to START early? (Not that I can even run for more than an hour…)

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