6 thoughts on “Sorry guys….

  1. Hello, 

    I haven’t played with you all before but I’d like to play touch next weekend if we get the numbers.



  2. Here is the contact for the Touch tourney in Dickerson MD> Contact Brian Collins and he will give you the latest info.

    4 Teams confirmed – capacity 12 :

    1 – Columbia
    2. Washington Iris (2) (Duma organizing)
    3. Wildgeese (2) teams

    In the next two weeks we will turn up the recruiting – I’d like to see each Goose recruit one player whether they be young 10 yrs old and up, old, male, female, experienced or new. We will form teams and arrange for all attendees to get in the tourney. This is a time to bring the kids and spouses to get a run in with their friends.

    We are asking a $20 per player donation for supporting local youth rugby here and with Hope in South Africa and supporting Wildgeese park.

    Volunteers needed for the following:

    1. Tony Masciocchi is heading up the referee crew (FIT Rugby Rules)
    2. Food planning
    3. Game Day Dues collection
    4. Field Prep

    Please email or call me (see # below) if you have any questions or you can volunteer for some game day activities.

    Look for more info to be coming out this week.

    Thanks, Brian


    • Thanks Cliff, I’ve reached out to Brian for more details and will post on the blog when I’ve heard back from him. Probably able to get 2 teams of 8-9 along I’d think.


  3. Columbia Touch Rugby and ATA will host a touch rugby tournament on July 13 in Columbia, MD on the rugby fields, behind the library off of Broken Land Parkway and Cradlerock Way North.
    $25 entry fee per team to pay for water and new rugby balls. $500 and trophy to winner. Trophy to second place. Running fast, getting your cardio in, lateral ball passing, and lots of fun.
    Each team is limited to 12 players. 6 playing and 6 subs. Matches are non stop 12 minute halves with 1 minute break. Format is round robin for seeding. 3 match round robin minimum to get used to game play or 1.5 hours of running and single elimination bracket buster after. Two fields running at all times. One ref per team unless excused by sponsors.
    Any questions contact Roger Colon at 4432238469 or roger.colon@atacorporation.com. facebook ATA for more details later this week.

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