Are we sending a team to next week’s tourney?

Hey Everyone,There was a recent post about a tournament coming up in Maryland next weekend.  Are people interested in playing?  Neither Anthony nor I can make it because we’ll be both be out that weekend, but if someone wants to be captain and get a group together have at it.  I think it would be  a good experience, and who knows, our team might win.  If you’re interest, send a response.  And if someone wants to be captain, just shout out that you want the responsibility.

PS  More tournament details are a few posts below.  Check it out. 

8 thoughts on “Are we sending a team to next week’s tourney?

  1. I’d love to be involved but i have neither the car nor social skills to be either a driver or a captain.

    also, are we playing this saturday?

  2. I’m also up for playing, carless and no desire to captain. I wont be around until next wednesday though for practice

  3. I feel like we are lacking momentum without our usual captains to lead/whip us into shape! (Plus that’s also two of our fastest runners down, boo.) I’m neutral – Eric and I can drive if we decide to go, but just like last time can only bring passengers if we aren’t carrying a tent in the backseat.

  4. Update to Saturday Tournament Jul
    by rogercolonjr
    Where: Behind East Columbia Library, off of Broken Land Parkway and Cradlerock Way North. Address is: 6600 Cradlerock Way, Columbia, MD 21045. Its the entrance before the previous address. Same road, pretty much the same directions but instead of 6700, put 6600 in your GPS.

    Still looking at a good turn out. Confirmation from 5 teams. Even if its not as big as the Geese tournament a few weeks ago, we are still going to run with it. Right now we are looking at: Galaxy, ATA, Columbia Lions, UMBC, Washington Scandals. We might have another Columbia team. Even if your team is not showing up, feel free to come out for a run. You only need 6 to run!

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