17 thoughts on “Back at it for Wednesday?

    • Much faith in me making my flight. Even though I have like a 99% success rate on making flights. However, I am flying out of the shittiest airport in the world after a night out with my best friend who I haven’t seen in over a year….

  1. I found out about DC touch last week. Is it ok for me to join?

    I had to retire from full contact due to injury and have been looking for something like this for years (translation out of shape!!)

    Let me know…and I will come tonight.

    • Hi Tim,

      Yes, all are welcome. Old vets, and young rookies. On Wednesday’s we play on a relatively small plot on 15th and Constitution (White House side). On Saturdays we have much more space in an area on the grass near the Washington monument.

      Hopefully you can make it out today. There should be a decent number of us. We start officially at 6, but things don’t usually get going until closer to 6:15-6:20. Feel free to come then or whenever you can make it. We’d be happy to have you!

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