6 thoughts on “We’re on for tomorrow… see you out there!

  1. Hey. Just going to throw this out there. I know I havent been out in a few weeks and I dont know what type of scheduling conflict this may cause, but since its getting cooler and not so hot, how about pushing this bad boy back to 10? Anyone with me on this?

    • Andy, thanks for the suggestion! I think for most of us (more than 50%), the preference for 9AM is based on temperatures but also so that the game doesn’t disrupt rest of our Saturdays. We can reconsider when the temperatures are significantly colder in the morning, warranting us to push it back an hour.

      I’m also hesitant to alter the start time while we’re still in summer. It could easily be 80 degrees+ again in August and/or September so to not confuse people by constantly changing the time based on the weather for that particular weekend, we’ll just all agree on a time in October when we’ll shift to a “winter schedule”.

  2. Hi, I am relatively new to Washington and an ex-rugby player (although I played a bit of touch in the UK this summer). One of your players suggested I should come down so I’m planning to join in this Saturday if that’s OK. I look forward to seeing you then.


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