Greenlit for 6!

We’ve got sufficient players today.  Actually, given the last few weeks I feel like we’ll have 15-20, so we have more than enough.Notes:

1) I forgot my ball last Saturday, did someone pick it up? 

2) Some people mentioned last week coming earlier to Wednesday rugby, closer to 5:30 or so.  If you’re keen, go for it.  I usually arrive a bit before 6 myself and wouldn’t mind seeing a few faces already running, passing, setting things up, etc.  So if you want to come early, that’s fine.  I’m not going to stop you.  This is America.  Live your life…

3 thoughts on “Greenlit for 6!

    • Good idea Roger (in fact I was recently thinking the same thing). Let me get back to you on this and propose a weekend. Would you have enough people for two teams? Also do you have ladies available to play on your side?

      • We should be able to bring enough for two teams down. And yes we have quite a few ladies. It should be a fun time. We normally do 2 hours of running. Let me know when and I will let our folks know as well. Ttys.

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