Wednesday rugby, a must!

Hey all,

We haven’t played in a week!  I know you’re desperate for swift passes and glory runs, so let’s get some good numbers for tomorrow.  There’s an added incentive to show up.  This Saturday, our old friends from Maryland (Columbia Rugby) are planning to come down to play a couple of games against us.  Naturally, we’ll want to be well-practiced and prepared.  A good run on Wednesday will go a long way ensuring we play our best come Saturday.  If that’s not reason to show, then I don’t know what is. 

Also, if you’re a regular Wednesday player, but don’t show up to Saturdays, no worries.  Please come out tomorrow in any case.   It’s fun to have a large, diverse crowd of ruggers show up.

Okay, let me know if you’re in, guys. 

20 thoughts on “Wednesday rugby, a must!

  1. Hi folks, I just moved to DC. Can’t make it tomorrow, but I am available for Saturday. I just moved from Baltimore and have played off and on with the Columbia guys. So I’ll play for whomever has a need. Thanks!

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