Need NUMBERS for Saturday

Despite the fact that participation wasn’t explicitly asked for Saturday in the last post, please DO SO! Every game is the same; we need to know if we have the MRP (Minimum Required Players) which is typically 10-12 warm bodies. So without an “in” there is no other way of knowing how many people will show.

Give the organizers of DC Touch Rugby a helping hand and provide us your most prompt “in” in the comments section. This is especially important in this case as we have visitors going out of their way to join us from another state!


25 thoughts on “Need NUMBERS for Saturday

  1. I will be out, running the Color in Motion 5K at RFK.

    If anyone wants to come see the Geese play 15s in Dickerson, MD on Sunday – and eat some awesome food – e-mail me: Yeah, I know it’s a hike, but most of you have been there already for the tourny. I’ll send you the link and directions.

  2. We will have 10 tomorrow. Not our full squad but good enough for a few matches. See you all tomorrow on the mall. Which metro stop is closest just in case We mmetro in? Thanks,

      • Thanks for the great run today. It was great weather and great competition. Columbia Touch Rugby really appreciates the time with you all today. And time spent against another club instead of just ourselves is even better yet. Thanks again. See you all at the tourny and hope to see you all in Columbia soon.

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