Wendesday Wrugby, Who Wants to Win?

Hey Guys,

Let me know if you’re in for tomorrow.  Clearly we all love Wednesday rugby (we had 26 show up last week!) but confirm so we can make it official that we’re going to play.

Also, I’ll be collecting fees for participation in the upcoming touch rugby tournament for anyone who’s interested in playing for DC Touch.  The tournament is on Saturday October 5th.  It’s $20 per person.  Not bad for several hours of competitive rugby and good food. 

18 thoughts on “Wendesday Wrugby, Who Wants to Win?

  1. Great rugby on Saturday. Thanks all. I’m afraid I’m not around for the next two weeks but keen to do the tournament if I can get a lift as I have no car – or driving license- yet! I can transfer funds or do cash on the day. Many thanks. James

    • ha I see what you did there…

      unfortunately I’m out for the next few weeks and probably wont be able to make the tournament…

      Gotta get my A into G for this Marine Corps marathon I’m supposed to be running in a month…

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