Rugby’s on–Saturday Field

Hey Guys,

Rugby’s on.  Let’s meet where we typically meet on Saturdays.  (Check the
“Game Time and Location” section of this blog if you don’t know where that is). 

The spot is occupied by another team that plays rugby, but we can play right next to them on the other side of the concrete path.  There’s a possibility that moving locations ends up being difficult and less than ideal, but over the past few weeks the softball teams seem to have left and field space appears ample.  If we can get the space, it’ll definitely be an improvement from our usual Wednesdays 1/2-sized pitch. 

Let’s meet at 6:00.  I’ll be there closer to 5:45 to get a lay of the land, so feel free to come early if you can make it.  See everyone out there.

-PS  If you want to play in the tournament on October 5th, try to bring me $20 today, or next Wednesday. 

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