Field Ideas?

Hey guys,

I’ve done a bit of research for a playing field but nothing seems ideal.  Our best bet I think is a field on 25th and N NW.  There’s a school there (Francis Steven’s) that has public park facilities (a pool, playground, etc.)  There are two relatively sizable fields, one behind the school and the other right next to it.  We might be able to play there, but my concern is there might be flag football players or soccer players occupying the spaces around 6.  I’ve seen them play there before, but at different times.  That said, I still think it’s worth checking out. 

Does anyone else have any ideas on where we might be able to play?  I’m open to suggestions. 

9 thoughts on “Field Ideas?

  1. There’s also a field tucked in under 22 and P St that’s close to that location. Or are you talking about that field already

  2. There’s also a small field at 22 and S st that I’ve played on before. Lots of dog turds and just big enough for a field.

  3. I called three people today trying to figure out if the King Greenleaf field between the Waterfront and Navy Yard Metro is available but couldn’t get a definite answer. I’ll try again in the morning, but 25th and N sounds like a good backup for now!

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