Two things…

First, who’s in for Saturday?  No fancy posting this week.  Just let me know if you’re down.

Second, does anyone have a car and would be interested in driving to VA tomorrow night to play touch with the Alexandria team?  Dae Ho and I are considering it, and a car would go a long way. 


14 thoughts on “Two things…

  1. Can’t make Saturday, but if you do manage to find a ride for tomorrow and there is space, I’d love to join in to make up for lost rugby time, if only to avoid the feelings of fatness, ugliness, and lameness that accompany that loss.

  2. If the touch tomorrow night is at Minnie Howard school there is a bus from the metro at King Street – getting back can be an issue. Or you can get zipcars from there – 4 or 5 people would make it cheaper.

  3. For Saturday – there are some international matches on TV at Fados and other reputable Irish bars. England vs NZ and Wales vs Argentina are at 0930. If we are struggling for players for the usual morning session, perhaps an afternoon session is better? Any thoughts/takers?

  4. I’m in for Saturday. Although I would definitely be in for a later game if some folks wanted to go watch the internationals. But count me in, either way.

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