13 thoughts on “Touch: Saturday November 23 @ 10AM

    • Sam, if you’re on my team, I guarantee you’ll leave America with a complete understanding of the nature of glory. You’ll be able to count Achilles, Ghandi, and Han Solo as your brothers in the fraternity of the world’s greatest heroes. History will remember you well and you will sire many, many children.

      But if you play against me…well, nobody remembers a loser. And don’t hold your breath waiting for Tom Brady to invite you to his New Year’s Eve USO (Uggs and Sunglasses Only) party. I’ve been twice, and it’s more amazing than you can imagine.

  1. Pake is in – but I’m watching the semis for RLWC – its going to be a killer with the Kiwis against Poms and Australia vs Fiji!!! Sam – have you got leaving party? Are you guys watching Pacquiao against Brandon on Sat night?

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