We survived the worst last week. What’s a little cold this week?

Hey ruggers,

I think we can all agree that last weekend was about as bad as it could get, yet we still played, and played with vigor.  This week it’s going to be cold, but dry, which for me at least, couldn’t be a rosier scenario.  My guess is you feel the same.  Who’s in???

12 thoughts on “We survived the worst last week. What’s a little cold this week?

  1. As long as it is not raining – I am in.

    Also for those living a bit further south:
    Open touch rugby sessions three days a week at Ben Brenman Field (4800 Ben Brenman Drive, Alexandria, VA) throughout the winter.
    Come get a run
    Time; Tuesday and Thursday – 6:45 pm
    Sunday at 11:45
    Everyone is welcome! The field is first come first serve.

    The closes metro is Van Dorn and we can coordinate pick ups, if needed.

    We will be playing using the FIT rules. – http://www.international-touch.org/

    After Touch on Sundays, walk over to Café Pizzaiolo (Cameron Station • 4906 Brenman Park Drive, Alexandria, VA 22204) to watch football and brews.

    Please let me know if you are interested;
    Irish Old Boy and DC Area Touch player

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