Back at it this weekend?

Hey guys,

We’ve had some crap weather lately, but things are supposed to warm up tomorrow and on Saturday.  I think there’s a decent chance the snow will melt, which would make conditions slippery, but playable.  If enough are up for it, I think we could have a decent run.  Who’s in? 

Side note:  If we play on Saturday, we may play at a slightly different location, maybe on the other side of the path that runs along our field.  I don’t want to tear up our field so much that there’s no grass come Spring when we’ll expect to play with more consistency. 

14 thoughts on “Back at it this weekend?

    • Hi Jeff,

      We’ll always play on Saturdays at 10 AM until the weather starts to get too hot, at which point we’ll start at 9 AM.

      If we play this weekend, we may still gather by the normal pitch, but just play in the area about a hundred yards south, or the area just a few yards east. Regardless, you won’t be able to miss us.

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