I think the snow will be gone by Saturday so…

who’s in for touch? 

Saturday is supposed to be nice, but there might still be some snow on the ground, it’s hard to predict.  If nothing else, expect muddy conditions.  If we get numbers, maybe we’ll play a little further afield so we can let our pitch heal from the beating we’ve given it recently. 

All that said, let me know if you’re interested in playing Saturday at 10:00.

PS,  This weekend is daylight saving time, so we may begin mid-week rugby again next week.

PPS, As the weather warms, we’ll begin playing at 9:00 am on Saturdays.  Start mentally preparing for that…

12 thoughts on “I think the snow will be gone by Saturday so…

  1. In. Also, I’m ready to start at 9am starts as soon as possible. The extra hour to enjoy a Saturday would be great. Also, makes it easier to get to 12pm kickoffs for the Super Rugby matches ;p

  2. In! Anyone going to watch the Scotland vs. France afterwards (think it’s on at 12…)? Not sure about the quality of the rugby, but it’s brunch time… 🙂

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