Is Wednesday Rugby for You?

Probably.  Why else would you go through the trouble of reading this email if the prospect of mid-week rugby didn’t pique your interest?  I’ll be brief:  Last year, Wednesday rugby was transcendent. I expect nothing less this year.  Still, we can’t move forward without any players so if you’re into playing tomorrow, let me know.  It would be at 6:00 PM at the corner of 15th and Constitution.


12 thoughts on “Is Wednesday Rugby for You?

  1. I am in.
    Can we still play on the normal pitch until the kickballers/frisbee players/non-coms start taking up space?

    • Possibly. I saw people out there last Thursday so they may be there on Wednesday. But, if it’s free, I don’t see why not. We should still meet at 15th just so everyone’s on board for now. If the Saturday spot is unoccupied we’ll head on over.

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