13 thoughts on “S’posed to be perfect on Saturday. Who’s in?

  1. I’m new in town (from South Africa), and keen to play some touchies. Do you guys only play on Saturdays? are there any other games that you guys know of? or a league that’s reasonably competitive?

    • Hey Colin,

      We typically play on Saturdays and on Wednesdays. Our game is a pick-up game, so it’s pretty informal, but the level of play is relatively strong. We mostly have seasoned vets, many of whom are from South Africa, New Zealand, UK, etc.

      I’m not sure of any leagues at the moment, but we do play in tournaments occasionally. If you want a more serious team to participate on there’s one that plays in Alexandria, however. You can contact them via Facebook. You can search Touch Rugby DC/VA/MD and they should pop up.

      Best of luck in your search. If you want to come out and play with us, we always welcome newcomers. Just follow this blog and you’ll be kept informed.


      • Thanks Victor, if you guys are playing this Wednesday a mate and I will be keen to join. Won’t be in town this weekend, so will miss Saturdays game.

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