Details for Tournament on Saturday June 14, 2014.


DC Touch will likely field one team, if not two.  We bought some snazzy jerseys last year, so perhaps we can purchase extras for the many of you who weren’t here last year.  We’ll discuss this more on Saturday and start to collect money. 

9 thoughts on “Details for Tournament on Saturday June 14, 2014.

  1. I am new to the area and I am interesting in playing. I just moved from Florida and played rugby there, but need to make the change to play touch. Do ya’ll play during the week as well?

    • Hi Alex,

      We typically play on Wednesdays and Saturdays. If you follow this blog you’ll see posts about when and where we’ll be playing (usually on 17th and Constitution down at the Mall). We welcome all, experienced or not, to come out. If you’re interested, we’d be glad to have you come out to play with us.


  2. weather permitting will you guys be playing wed? I am interested in joining and would like to come out wed and run around with you all!

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