Someone Please Pick Up the Cones…

Hey Guys,

You’ll be sans cones if no one retrieves them from Olly.  He’s willing to drop them off (within reason) if someone can coordinate meeting.  It’s axiomatic that rugby + cones > rugby – cones.  Olly is at 12th and K.  Contact me or respond to his posts below to get in touch.

In order to avoid this craziness in the future, I suggest we divide the cones.  Two people can hold them separately so that if one person can’t make it for some reason, at least there’s a backup set.  Even with fewer cones, we can still define an adequate field.  Let’s do that moving forward.


1 thought on “Someone Please Pick Up the Cones…

  1. Jenna has kindly picked up the cones from Olly !!

    We will have them with us tomorrow. Somebody please confirm that we will have a ball.

    Thank you Jenna!

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