No survey, Saturday Rugby is ON at 9:30!!

Hey Guys,


So we’re experimenting with getting rid of surveys for Saturday rugby during the Summer because it’s usually very well attended, particularly when the weather is going to be as good as expected for tomorrow.  If it’s a bust and we don’t get numbers, lesson learned, but I think we’ll be just fine.  We’ve been doing this for two years and experience tells me we should be good to go.


Whoever has the cones, bring ’em.  And bring a ball if you got one. 


See everyone tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “No survey, Saturday Rugby is ON at 9:30!!

  1. I’m gona do my best to make it but am new to DC – any chance someone could share their number with me in case I have trouble finding it?

    • Hey Sinead,
      I’m a bit reluctant to put my number “out there” but honestly, you should have no trouble finding us. We’re at 17th and Constitution, just opposite the enormous wooden fence. You really can’t miss us. If you’re really struggling on Saturday morning though, just respond to this post again and I’ll reach out to you. Glad you’re joining!

  2. Hi guys,
    My name is Lucien, please call me Lulu.
    I was talking with some friends not long ago and they mentioned touch rugby on the mall. This is just awesome.
    I would be happy to join you tomorrow morning if possible. Let me know if I need to subscribe or if I need to bring anything.
    Take care,

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