Wednesday rugga, who’s in?

Let me know if you’re in for tomorrow. Wednesdays have been well-attended so far this Summer–my guess is because we’re all addicted to catching the rock for glory tries. Let’s keep it up.

8 thoughts on “Wednesday rugga, who’s in?

  1. Hey all, I am from the UK and new to DC. I would love to join you for some touch Rugby. What time is the meet tonight? Thanks, Tom

    • Hi Tom,
      We’re always happy to take on new players. On Wednesdays, we typically play at 6:00 PM at 15th and Constitution, about a hundred meters or so in from the corner on the White House side of the street. You can’t miss us if you walk along Constitution by 15th street. The Wednesday pitch is small, but on Saturdays we have a much larger space. Hope to see you out there!


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