Rugby’s tentatively on for tomorrow.

The weather outlook is a little spotty for tomorrow so be on the lookout in the morning (around 8:15 am) for an email cancelling rugby. If I don’t send out a blast, assume rugby is still on for 9:00 am.

See everyone out there.

2 thoughts on “Rugby’s tentatively on for tomorrow.

  1. Hey I just found this blog and I’m excited to hear people play pickup rugby in DC. Anyone up to play this Wednesday or Thursday?

    • Hey RG,

      DC touch rugby hosts a pick-up game, but we really only play on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Become a follower of this blog if you want to be up to date on exactly when, where, and if we’ll be playing–admittedly the when and where don’t change much, but playing can vary depending on interest and weather.

      Hope to see you out there.

      PS On Tuesdays, look out for emails gauging interest for a Wednesday game, and Thursday/Friday, look out for emails gauging interest for Saturday games.

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