Rugby’s Cancelled for tonight!!

Hey Guys,

I really hate to do this, but I gotta cancel rugby. I’ve been furiously checking various weather radars and it looks like it’s only going to rain harder in the coming hours. Obviously that’s not a guarantee, but better to skip a day of rugby than to have people stuck in any potential rain.

5 thoughts on “Rugby’s Cancelled for tonight!!

  1. Small issue. I have the cones and ball, but am not around Saturday or potentially Wednesday. I leave DC first thing Friday AM, so can you ask about whether anyone is available can meet me tomorrow?

  2. Ah sorry Paul, i’ve only just checked the website again. I have a flight first thing tomorrow, but if you can get to 770 P Street (7th and P in Shaw) i could leave them with my concerge for you? Please could you let me know by the end of tonight?

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