Touch is on for today!

Hey guys, sorry for the late email but I’m still in Costa Rica. Anyhow, touch is on for today. Everyone should meet at 15th and Constitution at 6:00 like we normally would. I believe the softball season is over so you might be able to head over to the Saturday field. Scout it out and see.

Bring a ball, and bring cones. I’ll see everyone on Saturday!

1 thought on “Touch is on for today!

  1. Guys, I kept the CONES last Saturday.

    I’ll try to make it today but am swamped with work, so can’t make any promises.

    My office is pretty close to the Washington Monument (in 13th and G). If someone wants to give me a call (at 646 203 1448) and stop by, we can make sure that the cones get to the field on time.


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