No More Wednesday Rugby

Hey Guys,

So I thought we might have one more Wednesday in us, but the combination of intermittent rain showers today and the 6:19 sunset doesn’t present the best rugby-playing conditions. The situation won’t improve going forward so no more Wednesday rugby this year. We should get our Wednesdays back around April.

Saturday’s looking perfect, though. There was some discussion about heading out a bit earlier for those who wanted to improve their skills and learn a bit of strategy to prepare for some potential competitive matches against the other local teams. If you’re interested, respond to this post. We’ll set something up, perhaps meet at 8:45 or 9:00 ahead of the regular meet up time of 9:30. I’ll be there for sure.

1 thought on “No More Wednesday Rugby

  1. I will be there at 9am with my brother and nephew. My brother is a rugby coach so might help us with drills if you would like.

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