It’s going to be cold, but let’s play tomorrow.

Winter rugby, guys.  It’s going to be in the high 20’s tomorrow, so obviously very cold.  But, the skies and the ground will be clear.

See everyone out there at 9:30.

6 thoughts on “It’s going to be cold, but let’s play tomorrow.

  1. I hear what you guys are saying, but in all likelihood, 30 minutes won’t change the field conditions appreciably. 9:30 is a touch on the early side for the winter, no doubt. And I think that every extra degree of warmth counts. But we settled on 9:30 awhile ago and I’m reluctant to switch things up. If I did, some would be pleased, but others annoyed. I’ll canvas everyone on Saturday to see if there’s enough desire to move things to 10:00 for awhile (’til the Summer I guess). I have no qualms about changing times if most others are keen.

  2. Hey!

    As always thanks for organizing our weekly touch rugby sessions. I wanted to share the following with you and everyone else who plays; feel free to share this with all of our players:

    Washington RFC, the rugby union team I play for, is hosting a Six Nations Watch Party:

    We’re hosting in conjunction with the Washington Women’s RFC (DC Furies). Saturday, February 7th at Hamilton’s Bar & Grill–Hamilton’s will open at 9:00am and will have $2 PBR/High Life’s and $4 Mimosa/Bloody Mary’s.


    – John “Tank” Veras

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