We’re on, but….

Tomorrow is the annual kite festival so our field might be bombarded by “happy families”.   I’m not sure though.  It’s going to be pretty chilly in the morning so we may have the space to ourselves.

Let’s meet at 17th and Constitution at 9:30.  If you arrive and no one is there by 9:40 or so, then head over two blocks to 15th and Constitution (our Wednesday field) to see if we’ve migrated over.  That space should be free for us to play on, and it should suffice for our group tomorrow, which looks like its going to be on the smaller side.

See everyone out there.

2 thoughts on “We’re on, but….

  1. I am told the Potomac exiles men’s club will be in attendance tomorrow morning. That should boost up the numbers.they are meeting at the 17th and constitution field.

  2. Kite festival is set up literally on top of our usual field. The field just north of the monument is totally open though.

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