3 thoughts on “17th and Constitution, 9:30, Tomorrow

  1. I’ve played competitive 15’s for about 13 years, live in Baltimore and am looking to get a run in and am curious about the numbers and talent level of these gatherings. Thanks

  2. Tim,
    In case Victor doesn’t get to reply in time – usually 6 a side with either subs or a third six used to rotate the teams. Numbers fluctuate depending on weather.

    Very mixed bunch of young and old, talented and not so talented….

  3. For info, Olly (the lanky English bloke) and I (the not so lanky English bloke) are heading to James Hoban to watch the European Cup final – Toulon vs Clermont Auvergne which kicks off at 1230. We think it is on TV but you never know with these Yankee broadcasters. If not, the Super 15s, Super League and ice hockey are on anyway.

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