Rugby is on! 9:30 AM!

Based on responses it looks like normal morning rugby is the winner.

Lets have a good bit of rugby playing then go watch how it’s really done. See you in the morning!

2 thoughts on “Rugby is on! 9:30 AM!

  1. Hey! I’m Amanda and I’m a freshman at GW and I used to play touch back home in high school in Malaysia and in boarding school in Singapore and I’ve been dying to play! It’s a bit late for me to contact you and join but I was just wondering if you guys are still welcoming new players and if so, when do we meet? 🙂 I haven’t played since April so I might be a little rusty, if and when I show up so I hope that’s okay! Thanks so much!!

    • Hi Amanda,

      You’re more than welcome to join us. We no longer play on Wednesdays since day light savings ended. But we play on Saturdays throughout the year regardless of temperature, though we’ll cancel if it’s raining or snowing.

      We play on the Mall on 17th and Constitution typically at 9:30. If you follow the blog, you’ll get reminder emails about when and where we’ll play.

      Hopefully we’ll see you out there soon.


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