Rugby’s still on, if you’re into it…

Hey guys,

I didn’t realize it was going to snow…

Frigid temps plus snow make for an unideal outing in my book, but I recognize some people are into playing rugby in this weather, so I am not cancelling.  I won’t be out there, but more power to those who are willing and eager.

Again, there was decent feedback yesterday so I think people will show up. Just expect numbers to be on the lower end.


2 thoughts on “Rugby’s still on, if you’re into it…

  1. Hello DC Touch,

    We were wondering if we could join you when we come to Washington in early March. We both play for Nottingham Touch Club in the UK and will be attending a medical conference in DC from 8th-14th March. Would be great to join you – we play regular social and entry level competition standard touch.

    Excited to see that DC has a Touch Community. Let me know if it we can join you.

    Kind regards
    Damian Wood
    Claire Knight

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