PS, Someone Bring a Ball for Tonight

I can bring a ball if I come tonight, not the most ideal one, but it’ll do.  But I’m not guaranteed to head to rugby tonight.  Work…

Anyhow, someone else bring a ball tonight if you’ve got one.  And cones!

3 thoughts on “PS, Someone Bring a Ball for Tonight

  1. How was the Wednesday night run hopefully we can get alerts out a little earlier then same day and also it would be nice if the Saturday runs were on the same pitch up at 15th


    • Brian,

      Could you please stop asking about the 15th street pitch for Saturday rugby? You’ve been asking for over a year. We all recognize what your preferences are, but understand that there are other considerations for the entire group.

      As of last week, we decided we would test out the 15th street pitch for a few Saturdays. There are benefits, but there are drawbacks too, so we’ll have to see what the consensus is after we’ve played there for a bit.

      As for posting earlier, I always try to post a day ahead, but sometimes it doesn’t happen. Playing is largely weather-dependent so if you haven’t seen a post but have a sense that the weather will be good the next day, you can safely assume we’ll probably have rugby.

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