Help a rugger out

Had this message passed along to us from Olivier, on behalf of the Serge Betsen academy.  A number of you were here when Serge came to play a year or so ago, and now we have the opportunity to help him out:

There is a Drive to support Serge Betsen’s Academy in Cameroon on now – there will be a flight on 22 April carrying rugby supplies to his academy of over 50 kids. This is a GREAT opportunity to bring used (or new) jerseys, balls, (not used) mouthpieces, boots, etc. BRING ANY DONATIONS TO TOUCH ON SATURDAY.

1 thought on “Help a rugger out

  1. Dear DC touch teammates, just wanted to thank you for your donations which were part of a 115kg package of shoes/clothing/books that was sent today, will give you an update when Serge comes to DC (likely last week end of August)

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