2 thoughts on “Rugby is on for Wednesday

  1. hey guys! i forgot my ball at home today, by any chance can anyone else confirm if they can bring one? if not i can rush home before and grab mine.


  2. Please ask the folks if they are up for some Touch on Sunday in Vienna. The Maori Kiwi group are having a family day of bbq, feed and grog with loads of Touch thrown in.

    The web is http://www.kiaoradckiwis.com/

    Kia Ora DC Kiwis Annual Whanau Day
    When: Sunday, 12 June 2016 10am
    Where: Nottoway Park: 9601 Courthouse Rd, Vienna, VA 22181

    Falaniko sent this to me this evening asking if we could muster a few folks to come and join their family day and play touch. They are a crack to be around and I would love for them to meet your people and vise versa.

    Please let me know at mambo7@gmail.com and I will have more details tomorrow.


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