Payment for Jerseys. You have 4 days!

Hi Guys,

You can pay for your jerseys by going to the link below:

You’ll have the option of adding a number to your jersey.  If you don’t add a number, the price drops to $21.90.  I decided to go this route instead of collecting money from everyone.  A lot easier for all involved.  (And yes, I recognize this method would have been a lot easier from the get go, but you live, you learn.)

You’ve got 4 days to order.  We’ll get the jerseys ahead of the tournament, and I can hold onto any for those who won’t be going.

If you have any questions let me know!

2 thoughts on “Payment for Jerseys. You have 4 days!

  1. If I did not sighn up for original list for jerseys, is it to late to order via this route? Saturday was my first outing and I wont be attending tournament but I would like to have a shirt for future use.

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