Rugby’s on–ALL SUMMER!!!!

Hey Guys,

We decided on Saturday that there will be no more rugby posts for the Summer.  Rest assured that rugby will be on each Wednesday, at 6:00 p.m. and Saturday at 9:30 a.m. always at 15th and Independence.  If plans change because of weather, or we need to change fields, I’ll post to let everyone know.  Otherwise, you can count on playing rugby. And yes, that includes this evening.

Ummm, also, did anyone happen to find an extra pair of cleats on Saturday??  Copa Mundials in particular??  I seem to have misplaced my pair…

6 thoughts on “Rugby’s on–ALL SUMMER!!!!

  1. Yep, I picked the copa mondials up (and some socks…), I can’t make it this evening but I should be there for Saturday.

    Mob: (202) 394 4526

    • Perfect! If you can bring them on Saturday that would be great. I’m also happy to take them off your hands earlier if they’re a burden at all. Thanks!

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