NO rugby today, 16 Oct. BUT… ON for tomorrow!

No rugby today because of the rainy weather, BUT we are ON for Thursday at 5:30 PM by the Washington Monument! This is the last evening touch session of the year so get your butts out there! Also to celebrate we will have glow sticks and will play even after dark. See you all out there tomorrow!

Rain likely for tomorrow

I will keep an eye on the weather but as of right now it doesn’t look so good for tomorrow. We are alternatively considering Thursday evening at 6:00 PM if we get rained out. Be on the lookout for an update from me for tomorrow in the afternoon (circa 4 pm).

Regardless of which day it is I hope a bunch of you can make it because we are going all out for our last evening/night session of the year and will be playing well into the encroaching darkness with a glow stick touch rugby party! Also there is talk of an after touch drink session at The Exchange which is a sports bar within walking distance from the field.

Looking forward to seeing you all out there!