Tidal Basin Saturday

With the early heat wave this week, low 70s and breezy is going to feel downright chilly tomorrow.

There are some road closures around Lincoln memorial and west potomac park area setting up for fireworks. Give yourself a little extra time in case road closures or traffic might affect you. As of about 7pm though the main parking and field are open. See you all at 9:30am.

Wednesday, extreme heat!

We’ll play Wednesday on the Mall by the Smithsonian metro, 5:30pm. Please bring plenty of water, double what you think you might need. We want to get a few runs and have fun, but it will be prime conditions for heat stroke. Play at your own risk, and know your limits. See you all out there!

Super Stoked Saturday Srugby

Tidal basin tomorrow at 9:30am. It will definitely feel like summer, but it should be another spectacular day for rugby. See you all out there

Good luck to all our rugby friends playing Cape Fear this weekend, and good luck to the hometown Old Glory DC!

Saturday 9:30 at Tidal Basin

Should be a warm one. Scattered thunderstorms possible in the afternoon, so well probably just have to deal with humidity in the morning.

Also we’ve got a solid number of people that want Mondays starting at 5:30pm, so we’ll start that this coming week. 5:30 is a little early for some people, but that handful is welcome to arrive when they can since we’ll play until around 7:30


For those of you that work late on Wednesdays or can’t make it on Saturdays, we want to see if there is interest in a Monday afternoon/evening touch game. Please only respond once to the survey below if you are interested. If you aren’t interested or couldn’t make it a fairly regular thing, then don’t fill it out.