Wednesday on the Mall

We’ll play at 5:30pm near the Smithsonian metro stop. They have been rotating which grassy sections are roped off, so just keep an eye out for one of the fields between the carousel and the Washington monument. Last week ended up being the section closest to the Washington monument.

Preview to this weekend, the Exiles are playing a game on the Tidal basin Saturday afternoon and there is a political rally as well. As a result of these two things someone beat me to the morning reservation for the tidal basin pitch. My number one concern is everyone’s safety coming to play, and number two the least amount of headache. The rally could turn out to be no big deal and we’ll go ahead and play on the Mall. I’ll try to scope it out in the morning, and if we need to we might play on the WW2 memorial side. Also if it turns out no one is on the Tidal basin, it is still an option. Bottom line is, I’m asking for some flexibility, and it may be a morning-of decision where we play.

Monday is on the Tidal Basin

Looks to be pretty warm in the evening, so bring some fluids. Otherwise it should be a great afternoon for a run around.

I’m sure everyone has noticed the days are rapidly shortening. Please try to be as close to 5:30 as possible since we can’t really get started until enough people show up. Also Alexandria touch has started on Mondays and Wednesdays which is taking some of our numbers. Depending on the continued turnout and the time change we may go down to only Wednesday during the week. All things TBD. But for tomorrow we’ll have some fun on the Tidal Basin

Wednesday is on

We’ll play on the Mall on Wednesday at 5:30pm, by the Smithsonian Metro stop. There is about 50% chance that we’ll get some light rain during play, but not enough to deter anyone that isn’t a witch. So I’ll see all the non-witches out there for some fun mid-week rugby.

Sorry New York

It looks like all the storm that was supposed to get us went right up to New York and destroyed them. I fell terrible for all those people. But I’m grateful that the storm sucked all the moisture out of the area and and is giving us a few nice low humidity days.

We’ll play on the Tidal Basin Saturday at 9:30.

Monday preview….we’ll do a morning game at 10 since most people have the day off

Thursday is on

It’s going to be a beautiful afternoon for touch this evening. Sunny, mid 70s, mild humidity, fresh grass. 5:30p Mall by Smithsonian metro stop. Sorry if it threw off everyone’s schedule, but tonight will be much more fun than it would have been yesterday.

Postponed until Thursday

It looks like moderate to heavy rain off and on for the rest of the day. Rather than try to force today in under potentially awful conditions, tomorrow will be beautiful and perfect for some rugby on the mall.

Today is officially off, and tomorrow is on 5:30pm at the Mall by smithsonian metro

Can’t say no yet

It looks like some heavy rain around the 4-5 o’clock hour, but current forecast has some light to moderate rain for a good two or three hour window after that. This might be a late afternoon call.

Also toying with the idea of cancelling today and making it up tomorrow, even though I know this throws everyone’s schedules off.