Touch is on for Saturday

Tidal Basin 9:30am. It should be great weather while we play, but bring your traveling umbrella if you don’t intend to rush home afterward. There’s a light afternoon shower headed our way.

Rumor is our friends at Potomac Exiles and WRFC will be playing in the afternoon if anyone wants to stick around to watch.

Do you like beer?

Now that I have your attention. I’m floating this idea out there for a social a week-ish from now. I will personally be biking and drinking beer, and the more people that join me the better. This is a great opportunity to get to know our touch friends better while engaged in a non-rugby activity.

Touch is on Monday at 5:30 at the tidal basin

The days are getting shorter. I know it’s tough for people to get there right after work, but we want to get enough people to start as close to 5:30 and maximize the limited daylight. The more people at 5:30 the better.

As we lose daylight and the evenings get colder, in the coming weeks we’ll prepare to go to one day a week and search for a field with lights. The day will likely be Wednesday, but to avoid conflicts with other touch groups that could change.

Wednesday water from the sky

We’ll play Wednesday on the Mall 5:30pm near Smithsonian metro, probably closer to Washington Monument.

Forecasts are a little inconsistent at the moment, but there is about 50% chance of light to moderate rain. Right now it looks like you’re likely to get wet enough to wash the sweat away, but not enough to call off touch. Otherwise the temp will be a pleasant mid 70s with minimal wind.

I’ll keep an eye out in case it takes a turn for the worse.

Saturday there will be touch

We’ll play at 9:30 on the Mall, metro side near Washington monument

Three weeks ago someone beat me to booking tomorrow morning on the tidal basin. The Exiles planned a game and booked the afternoon, but they assured me they had nothing to do with the morning booking. I assume it has something to do with the rally tomorrow, but seems like a random location. Maybe the soccer people were overzealous. At any rate, the tidal basin still shows reserved tomorrow. I will go early and scope it out, but I don’t expect we can play there.

I’m very mindful of the rally tomorrow with with our safety as number one priority. Secondarily ease of accessing the field. The rally is supposed to be only about 700 people and will be at Union Square, next to the Capitol reflecting pool. There are only a few minor road closures near the capitol, so getting downtown shouldn’t be a problem. Secondly any interaction with the protesters should be almost non-existent if we play on the Mall section between Smithsonian Metro and Washington Monument. For what it’s worth there is also a counter-demonstration at Freedom plaza around noon, which is too far away and too late to have any effect on us.

If for some reason the Mall is cordoned off in the morning, the fallback is the mall on the WWII memorial side. I’m still going to check the tidal basin in the morning, but barring any last minute change we’ll meet on the Mall.

Wednesday on the Mall

We’ll play at 5:30pm near the Smithsonian metro stop. They have been rotating which grassy sections are roped off, so just keep an eye out for one of the fields between the carousel and the Washington monument. Last week ended up being the section closest to the Washington monument.

Preview to this weekend, the Exiles are playing a game on the Tidal basin Saturday afternoon and there is a political rally as well. As a result of these two things someone beat me to the morning reservation for the tidal basin pitch. My number one concern is everyone’s safety coming to play, and number two the least amount of headache. The rally could turn out to be no big deal and we’ll go ahead and play on the Mall. I’ll try to scope it out in the morning, and if we need to we might play on the WW2 memorial side. Also if it turns out no one is on the Tidal basin, it is still an option. Bottom line is, I’m asking for some flexibility, and it may be a morning-of decision where we play.