Wednesday touch on JFK hockey fields 5:30pm

Should be a warm and sunny evening perfect to run around after work. There is setup for Vietnam war commemoration that starts tomorrow at one end of the field. There should still be enough space for us to have a few fields, but if there isn’t we’ll relocate across the street from the WW2 memorial.

Touch is on (or near) JFK hockey fields tonight 5:30pm

Head to JFK hockey fields, but be ready for last minute updates if we need to move for any reason.

Some of the other sports leagues around town are starting up their spring schedules, which means we might have to start competing for field space, even on weekdays. We didn’t jump on the field reservations early enough so tidal basin is already reserved by someone else for today and Wednesday. JFK hockey fields aren’t available for reservation until May 16th, which usually means NPS is working on the field. But until those fields are physically closed off we will use that as the fallback for days we don’t get Wallenberg, including tonight. In case they are closed, we may move just across 17th to the fields next to the Washington monument.

Monday touch on the tidal basin 5:30pm

We’ll probably bounce back and forth between the tidal basin during the weeknights and the JFK hockey fields on Saturdays. The hockey fields can accomodate more pitches, which is nice with the number of people on the weekend. Tidal basin is still more convenient, so we’ll try to stick with that for Mondays and Wednesdays.

Wednesday 4/19 touch is on the Tidal Basin 5:30pm

Thanks to some helpful reconnaissance, it looks like the Wallenberg field is back open. It doesn’t appear there are any competing reservations, but there is no guarantee Volo or another group won’t already be camped out. We’ll give it a shot, but be aware there could be last minute shift to JFK or another field.

Otherwise great weather for some after work touch!