Wednesday on The Mall 5:45pm

Near Smithsonian station. It will be very warm, but the humidity should be reasonable.

Upcoming events: Potluck on Saturday after touch to kick off labor day weekend. Bring a dish, enjoy a beverage, and socialize with the crew. Plan your dish now. All are welcome even if you don’t feel like playing in the morning. Monday is a holiday so we’ll move touch to the morning at 10am.

Saturday at the tidal basin 9:30am

We have the permit for Wallenberg tomorrow, but there is also a touch tournament at RFK fields that will take several people away. There are still at least a dozen plus people that have been coming regularly that aren’t in the tournament, and I’m sure you’re all going to be ready to play in the spectacular summer day tomorrow.

The only catch is someone needs to bring a ball. I haven’t confirmed anyone bringing one yet. Usually multiple people have them, and if you read this I recommend bringing one just in case.

Saturday at the tidal basin 9:30am

It’s going to be a glorious day for touch! Humidity is finally going to be reasonable and temp warm but not too hot. Bring a tasty beverage or two to enjoy after or on the sidelines.

Good luck to the Scion women and a handful of Beltway men playing in 7s nationals this weekend! We’re all rooting for you.