Monday is a maybe

There is very limited daylight today, and moderate rain expected to start around 6. Because of these conditions it might be difficult to get at least 12 people committed to play. I’m asking around to sample interest. I’ll post an update here later confirming whether we are on or off for today. If we are on it will be at the tidal basin at 5:30.

Pre-rugby, rugby. 9:30 Tidal basin

I know everyone can’t wait to support our USA Eagles tomorrow afternoon. It’s a real treat to have the All Blacks come to our corner of the world. But before we get carried away, come play touch tomorrow.

The permitting site has today and tomorrow marked as “closed” for the tidal basin. It’s not clear what that means. We’ll plan on tidal basin tomorrow, and I’ll provide an update if there is field repair or anything else preventing us from playing. And don’t forget a jacket as it’s going to be on the chilly side.

Anyone stumbling on this page for the first time. Welcome to DC Touch Rugby. We’re a pickup group of all experience and skill levels. Feel free to come by and play. Below is the map of where we play on Saturdays.

Also I’ll hype this again. If you have any questions or concerns, I’ll be around on Saturday. The plan is to meet and start at Lincoln memorial at 11:30. If you are running late or plan to meet up along the route, feel free to send me a message. Everyone is welcome

Touch on the Mall 5:30pm Wednesday

Fall is upon us so the evening temps are on the cooler side. But no rain for now. The weekday numbers are dwindling, but let’s all pull together for this Wednesday and next Wednesday for the last weekday DC touch under natural light. If everyone shows up on time, we get a good hour.

Also I want to hype the bike ride social again. The weather is taking a decidedly cold turn, so I recommend a windbreaker and gloves. Otherwise it should still be a fun time. Even if you don’t ride, you can meet up at one of the bars for a pint and socializing. If you are in, plan to meet at the Lincoln Memorial on Sunday at 11:30am to start.

Monday touch at the tidal basin

It’s going to be on the chilly and breezy side. We should be able to squeeze in a solid hour and a half of play if we start on time. Let’s all aim to get there at 5:30 ready to play.

We’ll squeeze these short runs in under the natural light until the end of the month. Then likely going to Wednesday only, with location TBD.

Touch is on for Saturday

Tidal Basin 9:30am. It should be great weather while we play, but bring your traveling umbrella if you don’t intend to rush home afterward. There’s a light afternoon shower headed our way.

Rumor is our friends at Potomac Exiles and WRFC will be playing in the afternoon if anyone wants to stick around to watch.

Do you like beer?

Now that I have your attention. I’m floating this idea out there for a social a week-ish from now. I will personally be biking and drinking beer, and the more people that join me the better. This is a great opportunity to get to know our touch friends better while engaged in a non-rugby activity.

Touch is on Monday at 5:30 at the tidal basin

The days are getting shorter. I know it’s tough for people to get there right after work, but we want to get enough people to start as close to 5:30 and maximize the limited daylight. The more people at 5:30 the better.

As we lose daylight and the evenings get colder, in the coming weeks we’ll prepare to go to one day a week and search for a field with lights. The day will likely be Wednesday, but to avoid conflicts with other touch groups that could change.