Wednesday rugby tomorrow…

I’m up for rugby tomorrow – anyone else in? Sound off…


Kite festival on tomorrow – try other pitch!

Hi guys, it turns out the kite festival is on tomorrow, taking place on the field we normally play on + the one beside it.  I’d recommend playing on the field beside the Holocaust Museum – see the ‘Game Time & Location’ tab for details.

Good luck!

Enjoy the weather!

Looks like tomorrow will be lovely for rugby, I’m sad to be missing it (I’ll be stuck in a windowless hospital basement all day working) :’S

9:30am, 17th & Constitution, ball & cones needed – and don’t forget about rugby next Wednesday – let’s try get that going now that the weather is (hopefully) improving!


Rugby Wednesdays starting!

A request was made over the weekend to start up Wednesday rugby again because we should have enough light now.

I’ll put up another post on Tuesday to confirm (based on the forecast), but I just wanted to give you advanced warning. 6pm – 17th & Constitution (for now – we will move to the other pitch soon).

Rugby going ahead despite march

Hi all! Tomorrow’s march will be taking place on Pennsylvania ave. between 12th & 3rd from 12pm, so we should be far enough removed over on 17th to go ahead with rugby.

It will be cold, but that hasn’t stopped us before! (neither have past marches)

So see you @ 9:30am, 17th & Constitution. Allow for extra travel time, just to be safe, and potential traffic diversions.

Rugbaí amárach do Lá Féile Pádraig!

Bí linn amárach do Lá Féile Pádraig, rugbaí agus craic! Taispeáin do spiorad Éireannach trí chaitheamh rud éigin glass, bán no oráiste.

Join us tomorrow for St. Patrick’s Day rugby & fun! Show your Irish spirit by wearing something green, white or orange.

Feicfidh muid go léir sibh ag leath uair tar éis a naoi ar maidin, seachtdéag agus ascaill an Bhunreachta. Slán go fóill 😀

See you all at 9:30am, 17th and Constitution avenue. Bye for now 😀

& I’ll leave you with some Irish rugby humor……….