Touch on tidal basin Saturday 9:30am (Wallenberg field)

It’s going to be hot and humid. Fortunately the water fountains are fixed and turned back on.

To my chagrin, someone beat me to the 10:45-11:30 permit for the next 3 weekends. There is no way to see what group it is. Last time this happened they were a no show. Fingers crossed it is the same tomorrow, or at least a group willing to share space. But I’m asking flexibility and forgiveness now.

Wednesday on the Mall 5:45pm

Smithsonian metro side of the Washington monument. Be prepared to have to change into turf shoes, sneakers, or barefoot if the rangers are on patrol. It’s worth the risk to play on the nice grass and have plenty of space, versus the other option on 17th street side where we’d have to contend with kickball for space.

Another hot summer day, so make sure you hydrate!

Monday on WW2 side of Washington monument 5:45pm

Come on out for some fitness and fun. It’s going to be a beautiful warm sunny summer day.

If you’re new to town or just stumbled on this page, the top questions seem to be 1) where and when do we play, and 2) can you come join.

We welcome everyone of all skill levels to come out and play touch rugby, even if you don’t have any experience. The only requirement is a good attitude. It’s a pick up game and we play with whoever comes out. It’s can be very competitive, but not combative. There are no official dues or fees, but occasionally we solicit small donations to maintain weekend permits.

We always play Monday and Wednesday 5:30/5:45pm, and Saturday 9:30am. Weekday location varies, but usually around the Washington monument area. Saturday is almost exclusively at Wallenberg field by the Holocaust museum. We play for about 2 hours give or take, so you can drop in anytime for as long or little as you want. Showing up on time is appreciated though since we can’t start until we get enough people. If everyone shows up a half hour in it sucks for everyone waiting around.

Touch is on! Saturday between WW2 memorial and Washington monument 9:30

Probability of rain has dropped significantly, although increased to firmly moderate amounts if it does rain. You will get wet, but the temp will be pleasant. Also the radar and models seems to anticipate this staying south of us, so it’s worth braving the possibility of rain. Come out for fun no matter what.

We’ll be booted from tidal basin no matter what, so preemptively the location is going to be between WW2 memorial and washington monument.

Touch is a maybe for Saturday

Very high probability of rain. However what started as a forecast of 90% chance of moderate rain has come down to 75% chance of light to moderate rain. The storm is moving fast, so there is always a chance it could blow itself out or past by 9:30 tomorrow.

Yes we usually don’t let a little rain stop us from playing. If the forecast holds it will be more than a little. Not quite enough to send you running for cover, but enough to make you soaked miserable coming down consistently for 3 hours. Either way we’ll be kicked off the tidal basin even if we do play. And there is a perfectly non-rainy day on Sunday…..

Watch this space for a morning update.

Wednesday on the Mall 5:45pm

We’ll play on capital side of the Washington monument, by 14th street. It’s going to be hot and humid. Chance of sporadic thunderstorm if you’re worried about that kind of thing, but if it materializes it won’t be enough precipitation to slow us down.