It’s game time! Saturday March 16th @ 10AM in AdMo

Team, it’s time to get numbers for this Saturday’s game! Looking forward to getting a similar turn out to last weekend! Who’s in? Let us know via commenting on this post. We’ll keep you updated should details change, but we’ll plan to start playing at 10AM at the new field in Adams Morgan.

touch rugby, adams morgan, washington dc, touch football

Temp is looking in the balmy 60s region with a chance of rain which should make for a fun (slippery) time.

weather, touch rougby, washington dc

A few of us are also thinking of grabbing some Saint Patrick’s day drinks shortly after the game so join us if you can. Looking forward to seeing you all out there on the field. For those wanting to come a bit earlier, we’ll likely be there from 9:30AM getting in a bit of a warm-up and practice.

Be sure to keep updated on future games via subscribing to the blog. If you feel like convincing some friends to join too, help drive some traffic to the site via sharing on Facebook or posting the link. Thanks!

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