Let’s make it happen this Saturday (@9AM)!

Team, after a week off to rest the legs, it’s time to get our butts back out there on the field for some TOUCH RUGBY!


No more excuses like I’m out of town or have a sprained ankle. Real men and women play through their absences or pain. So give us a Yay or a Nay for this Saturday and get your touch on.

Touch rugby this Saturday: 9AM START!

Hi team,

It’s that time of the week when you are more than ready to start thinking about the weekend! What better way to kick it off (excuse the pun) with a nice and EARLY game of touch rugby?


Yes that’s right, summer seems to be fully upon us and to avoid the near 90 degree temperatures this Saturday morning, we’ll rally the players for a game at 9AM (same place).

You got it, 9AM instead of 10AM this week.

Let us know if you’re in with a “the early bird catches the pop pass” or a “sleep sounds better than awesomeness”. See your sweaty-selves out there on the field!

NB: If there is huge backlash to starting an hour earlier, or if people generally like playing in the scorching heat, then we can work with the start time. However usually we start at 9AM in the summer and push it back to 10AM in the winter so consider 9 our “normal” start time!

It’s game time! Here’s a video for inspiration

Team, we have the numbers, see you out there on the field tomorrow (Saturday) at 10AM! In the meantime, I leave you with one of my best childhood memories of Australian rugby league’s greatest tries: the 1994 79th minute defeat of New South Wales by Queensland in the infamous State of Origin.

Rugby again this Saturday (on the mall)

Team we had a fantastic turn out last week on the mall. Like usual, there were some stealthy runs, daring passes, some near clashes (Ryan needs a new shirt) and plenty of heated reffing calls (Chris needs a shirt).


Let’s make it happen again this Saturday! As usual let us know if you’re in by commenting on this post. We’ll be playing in our old spot on the mall which is slightly west of the Washington Monument. Looks like we’ll have perfect weather again in the 60s. See you there at 10AM!

Bring it on! Touch game this Saturday in AdMo

Team, you know the drill, it’s mid week and we’re gearing up again for another great turnout for this Saturday’s (March 30) touch rugby game in Adams Morgan.


Let us know if you’re joining by commenting on this post. We’ll start at 10am as usual and if you want to come earlier, we’ll be warming up and practicing at 9:30am. Weather is looking good for the weekend and seems like we’ll actually start playing in the 40/50s rather than 30s for a change! Looking forward to seeing you there!

In the meantime, here are a few tips, tricks and food for thought for the game:

  • Communicate well with your team for a better chance of knowing who the dummy half will be and who will get the ball.
  • Take the touch! Running up, taking the touch and quickly playing the ball will give you more ground than giving your team mates “hospital passes“.
  • Running straight, rather than sideways and backwards, will allow you to gain ground and save time/energy.
  • Defend in a line, running up quickly to make the touch without your team mates will leave gaps in the defensive line.
  • Try not to bunch up by standing too close to your team mates. Passing is quicker than running and will give you space to draw and pass or try basic moves such as the wrap or cut.
  • And as always, have fun!

Have any other tips? Post them in the comments!

We’re on for Saturday March 16! But…

TGIF! We have the numbers for another awesome repeat of last week’s touch rugby game in AdMo. Game is same time as usual but we’ll be starting at 10AM SHARP this time as a few people have to leave by 11:30AM. Feel free to join us earlier for some practice and a warm-up.

The big BUT though is the weather. Right now the outlook isn’t so great and looks like we’ll have some light rain while playing. Not a problem, but if we feel the pitch is too soggy to run on, we may have to bail.

touch rugby,weather, march, touch football, washington dc

If we do bail, it would be good to get numbers for a potential Sunday game (warmer and no rain). Use the poll to let us know whether Sunday could also work in the case of a cancellation tomorrow (which we’ll let you know about tomorrow morning).

Looking forward to seeing you all out there!

It’s game time! Saturday March 16th @ 10AM in AdMo

Team, it’s time to get numbers for this Saturday’s game! Looking forward to getting a similar turn out to last weekend! Who’s in? Let us know via commenting on this post. We’ll keep you updated should details change, but we’ll plan to start playing at 10AM at the new field in Adams Morgan.

touch rugby, adams morgan, washington dc, touch football

Temp is looking in the balmy 60s region with a chance of rain which should make for a fun (slippery) time.

weather, touch rougby, washington dc

A few of us are also thinking of grabbing some Saint Patrick’s day drinks shortly after the game so join us if you can. Looking forward to seeing you all out there on the field. For those wanting to come a bit earlier, we’ll likely be there from 9:30AM getting in a bit of a warm-up and practice.

Be sure to keep updated on future games via subscribing to the blog. If you feel like convincing some friends to join too, help drive some traffic to the site via sharing on Facebook or posting the link. Thanks!