Touch Tournament Saturday June 29: We need YOU!

Hi team,

As mentioned today (and a few times previously by Cliff) there is a touch tournament in a few weeks time in Dickerson, Maryland and WE NEED YOU to be part of’s first official TEAM ( catchy team name pending).

The relevant details about the event are all here, but to summarize….

  • When: Saturday June 29 at 11AM (pre-match training at 10AM)
  • Where: Gosling Park (20500 Martinsburg Road, Dickerson, MD 20842)
  • Players: 6 on field, up to 6 subs
  • Rules: Australian FIT (what we play w/o the kick-off). The games will be refereed
  • Teams: There are 4 teams confirmed so far (so we can expect to play at least 4 games)
  • Skill level: All skill levels/experience welcome
  • Cost: $20 per person, or $200 per team, $5 for spectators. Money will go to food, drinks and donation to support local youth rugby

What we need from YOU: Let me know if you are in by commenting on this post. Note that this is about one hour outside of D.C. so those with cars, let us know how many spaces you would likely have available to help with transport (we can then organize carpooling via email). We will set the minimum players to participate in this tournament at 10. It will likely be hot so we can keep fresh by using subs as much as we can. Please let me know if you are interested in coming! If we get 10, that’s great, if we get 12, even better. More than that and we can even think about having TWO teams! Also, feel free to bring spectators/fans too!

A couple of other logistical items we’re hoping to sort out is finding a tent for shade, and chairs. If anyone has any leads on either, please let me know! Of course if we get together a team for this, it would mean that there will be NO game on the mall Saturday June 29 (so you may as well join us for the tournament!).

Any questions, email me and I’ll get in touch with Brian the organizer. Thanks to Cliff for making us aware of this event and for bringing us into the fold of the wider D.C. area rugby community!

23 thoughts on “Touch Tournament Saturday June 29: We need YOU!

  1. I’m in, and can bribe my way onto the squad with the promise of providing 3-4 rides (depending on whether I can convince my boyfriend to spectate or not!).

  2. Eric and I are in – we have a car and can fit 2-3 people. If we need more people to drive, I can also use my car that normally lives with my parents in Bethesda and take an additional 3-4. Eric might be able to get a tent from work and we have a few chairs and a cooler, but since our cars are small we’d likely have to supplant some passengers with cargo if we bring all that stuff! Or if anyone has a car with a bigger trunk we could also coordinate with them to transport.

    • Thanks Jess! Sounds great. I think we should be right on cars based on the numbers so far. The tent and chairs would be awesome though. Let me know how that goes as I am also asking the organizers for any extras they may have.

  3. Hey! I would like to come out and support (and play if you guys are short on players.) Any open spaces in a car?

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