Thursday Practice?

Hey guys, considering we have a tournament coming up soon, it would be helpful to get a few more games in. Is anyone interesting in play on Thursday at 6 pm?

20 thoughts on “Thursday Practice?

  1. I’m out of town tomorrow through Friday, then running a race on Saturday. But up for some practice next week to prepare for the tournament next Saturday.

    • (that’s assuming the Spurs beat the heat tonight, otherwise I’m going to be at a bar screaming hateful things about the Miami Heat.)

  2. after an absolutely ridiculous game 6 last night, it looks like ill be at a bar on Thursday… i’ll see you guys on Saturday!

    • Whoa there compadre. I’ll be watching the Heat lose on Thursday too, but the game starts at 9… There’s room for both rugby and basketball. Don’t short-change your to watch Jeff Van Gundy’s for pre-game commentary. It’s good, but it’s not that good…

      • PS I just re-read my comment and realized that I’m incapable of communicating properly. It’s the result of late night basketball watching. You know how it is…

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